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Geomembrane whose elasticity has been increased is a rubber drastic waterproofing material which is manufactured from ethylene propen diene monomer. EPDM can be used in all projects that needs waterproofing.

Product Features

  • Applicable as one layer
  • Applications can be made by the help of hot wedge welders and hot air blowers
  • Resistant to UV beams
  • Resistant to plant roots
  • Noncorrosive material, resistant to aging
  • High performance in elongation and elasticity
  • Highly resistant to chemical materials
  • Not harmful to environment, recyclable
  • Long lived
  • Resistant to cold weather conditions (-40 C°, +120 C°)
  • Instantaneous temparature changes affect

Use Locations

  • Terraces- Roofs
  • Landscaping areas
  • Artificial ponds, fire pools and other pools
  • Building foundations
  • Water tanks, irrigation channels
  • Tunnels
  • Dams
  • Cut-and-cover tunnels
  • Waste disposal areas

They are produced in thicknesses of 1, 1.2, 1.5, 2.0, 2.5, 3 mm.
They are used in building foundations, terraces, ponds, channels, reservoirs, pools.
They are produced according to demand as UV resistant.
Product width is 2.05 m.
Length can be produced in the desired length.


Felt laminated on the back, it is our special production membrane.
They are used in order to save extra time spent laying geotextile felt in the application area.
They are used wherever without felt membrane is used.
They are produced by laminated felt in the desired gram.
They are produced according to demand with UV resistance.
Product width is 2.05 m.
Length can be produced to the desired length.