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Ahed PVC Geomembranes are geosynthetic liners manufactured from PVC resin and other synthetic raw materials and used in waterproofing applications. Ahed PVC geomembranes have different types for different applications such as for pools, tunnels, irrigation channels, pipes, building foundations, terraces and water reservoirs.

PVC Tünel Tipi Sinyal Tabakalı PVC Geomembran

Tunnel Type Layer Signal PVC Geomembrane

It is a signal layered PVC geomembrane with its special PVC formulation; increased elongation and tensile strength. It is generally used in Highway, Subway, Railway Tunnels. Here, signal layer property works in order to detect any kind of defect or damages on the yellow or gray coloured surface of geomembrane. So that, modification can easily be made for that region. They are manufactured in Yellow-Black, Gray- Black or optional colours

It is made of PVC. Since it is manufactured as UV Beam Resistant, it is called “Pond Type” Geomembrane. Because of UV additive, it is direct sun beam resistant for ages. That kind of AHED PVC Geomembrane is comfortabely used without coating the surface of it. It is manufactured in gray, blue, yellow colours. AHED PVC GEOMEMBRANES are manufactured in a width of 2,10m; standard lengths of 20m&25m; with thicknesses of 1,00mm & 1,20mm & 1,50mm & 2,00mm & 2,50mm & 3,00mm. When it is demanded, they are manufactured in optional lengths.

It is especially used in potable water reservoirs. Special nanotech additives are used during its manufacturing process. Since it helps to avoid bacteria reproduction, it can be comfortabley used. Generally, it is in gray or blue colour.

Product Features

  • Resistant to plant roots.
  • Can be recycled.
  • Resistant to temperatures between -40C and +70C.
  • Joints are welded with welding robots which can do double inlet welding.
  • Resistant to aging and corrusion.
  • Enclosed class “E” in combustion, no flame occurs.
  • Long life span. • High resistance to mechanic shocks.
  • High performance in tensile strenght, elongation and elasticity.
  • Keeps high eleasticity in cold weather conditions, never cracks.
  • Can be manufactured as lamination with geotextile fabric; UV beam resistant, signal layered (OPTIONAL).
  • Since it is loose laid, it is affected at the minimum degree as a result of movement in construction.
  • Different colour and dimension options.

Use Locations

  • Building Foundations
  • Dams, transmission tunnels
  • Roofs and terraces
  • Carparks
  • Waste water treatments
  • Pools
  • Pond for agricultural irrigation purposes
  • Potable water reservoirs
  • Underpasses
  • Highway, railway tunnels
  • Subway stations and tunnels
  • Irrigation canals