Neoprene Tape

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Made of neoprene . The greatest feature is fire resistance . It is used in special construction projects against corrosion, in dams, in bridges, in channels, in silos in food factories, in food silos. The weight of the original is very low.


  • Highly resistance against chemicals.
  • Resistant to sea water,acid,various oil and chemical liquids.
  • Highly resistance to abrasion.
  • Resistant to temperatures between -40 °C and +110 °C.
  • Flexible structure.
  • Superior protection against leakage.
  • Long-lasting.

Usage Areas

  • Dam constructions
  • In vibrating parts to prevent vibration
  • In all projects which needs waterproofing

Application Methods and Equipment

  • By using speical welding machine the material is welded to each other from both ends.Then by using iron wires it is attached to the iron casts according to the project.