Made of neoprene . The greatest feature is fire resistance . It is used in special construction projects against corrosion, in dams, in bridges, in channels, in silos in food factories, in food silos. The weight of the original is very low.

• Highly resistance against chemicals.
• Resistant to sea water,acid,various oil and
chemical liquids.
• Highly resistance to abrasion.
• Resistant to temperatures between -40 °C
and +110 °C.
• Flexible structure.
• Superior protection against leakage.
• Long-lasting.
Usage Areas
• Dam constructions
• In vibrating parts to prevent vibration
• In all projects which needs waterproofing

Application Methods and Equipment

By using speical welding machine the material is welded to each other from both ends.Then by using iron wires it is attached to the iron casts according to the project.