HDPE T-Grip Geomembrane

It is made of HDPE. The unique feature that differentiate AHED T-LOCK geomembrane is the continous T shape tabs on the surface. With these tabs, T-LOCK Geomembrane does not move in the concrete and prevents damages against concrete by blocking vibrations. Thus, the constructions shall be healtihier and more long-lived.

• The only difference between the T-Lock Geomembrane and the other Geomembrane are quotes. T-Lock Geomembrane can not act in concrete through these quotes, It prevents damage to the concrete from vibration.
• Highly resistance against chemicals.
• UV resistant.
• Higher tensile strength.
• Low permeability.
• Profoundly resistant to the fractures and cracks.
• Superior protection against leakages.
• Resistant against natural condition.
• Highly resistant to organic and inorganic solvents.
• It is easily applied to any kind of ground.
• Optionally it can be reinforced geotextiles.

• Concrete pipes
• Irrigation canals
• Roofs
• Building foundations
• Tunnels
• Collector pipes
• Dams
• Waste sites

It is combined with Fusion welding system (doublestitched hollow welding test), spreaded by leaving 6-10 cm ride share with free spreading technique. Fixed with pressure profiles in place finish.